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  • Thank you for using the MAWebcenters Digital Marketing Products department.

    This new client form works best when it is completed with fully developed, well thought out answers. Please do not leave any questions blank, or answer with single word responses. The more time and effort you put into the questionnaire and any other information we request, the better armed we will be to make the most of your Content Writing package.

    Unfortunately, we are not mind readers. We do not know the fun aspects of your business that make it so unique. We have never tried your food, or used your services. We don't know how awesome your company is to work for, or to buy from. We don't know your long term goals, hopes, and dreams. That is why we need you to tell us. 

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  • What makes your business unique? Do you provide similar services to your competitors, but with a twist? A little some thing extra? The angle that makes your business different is a great place to start from in marketing your products or services. As an example, maybe you're a pest control company that specializes in the safety of household pets. Perhaps you're a plumber who's obsessed with cleanliness, and whenever you enter someone's home it's especially important to you that you leave no trace of your presence. These little things can help you stand out from a crowd, tell us about them!

  • What specific goals do you have for your business? We know everyone wants to make money, that's a given, but be more specific than that! Where do you (realistically) see your business in six months? Five Years? 10 years from now? Are you looking to build lasting relationships with customers who will return again and again? Do you want to become a thought leader? What kind of image do you want people to have of your business? What does success really look like to you?

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